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London ilinde toplam 2 firma bulunmaktadır.
Can Consulting

Everyone Has an Unexplored Potential

Can Danışmanlık was founded in London with its organizational structure which was shaped according to young, dynamic  and Engineering Analytics in Textile Supply.

Can Consulting has become a known company in a short time by conforming the international production standards, reach of high-quality raw materials, being the supporter of clients for the entire cooperation process, by its easy, accessible and friendly communication to customers and flexible production capacity.

Know-how, experience, reliability ability to find solutions to challenging requirements and product development activities are between main factors of success that Can Consulting has achieved so far.

From production to human resources, customer relationships with market expectations, as from industry to technological developments in all areas of innovative, researcher, developer and perfectionist management policy, customer satisfaction based systematic studies, the textile industry locomotive to be Can Consulting Principles of one.

Altın : 146,58
Euro : 4,1506
Dolar : 3,5407
İmkb : 107800
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